The Project

Learn about the Cais Mauá Waterfront revitalization plan.

A venture to

reintegrate the city with the waters of the Guaíba

Inspired by some of the most successful revitalization projects in the world, the new Cais Mauá  Waterfront wants to reintegrate the Porto Alegre citizens to the Historical City Center and the waters of the Guaíba. Much more than the remodeling of an old space for the population it is a complex that will give the city more life. There are over 181 thousand m² dedicated to culture, leisure, dinning, tourism, business, and events. In 25 years, estimates are that the Cais Mauá waterfront will yield around BRL 500 million in investment. When fully functional, it will generate 28 thousand jobs.

In 2010, Cais Mauá do Brasil  won the competition to revitalize the area, aided by studies and projects from two of the most recognized architecture and urbanism offices in the world: Brazilian Jaime Lerner and the Spanish b720 Fermín Vázquez, author of the Mercado dos Encantos project in Barcelona, among others. The plan is to develop the complex in three stages, in different stretches of the over 3.2 kilometers of extension. One of the phases is for the central portion, where the warehouses are that will be revitalized and will be made available for cultural activities, a design and decor center, a hotel, a passenger terminal, shops, bars, and restaurants. The docks, further south, will receive three commercial buildings and an event center in the installations of the old Port Refrigeration Chamber. Another stage will address the revitalized areas offering commercial and recreational areas near the Usina do Gasômetro.

Respect for nature and the historical heritage

Porto Alegre will be able to enjoy the new complex without losing the memory of it old wharf: the 11 historical warehouses will be maintained with no alterations to their facade of architectural characteristics. The Port and Waterway Authority (SPH) building will hold a hotel, the old Port Refrigeration Chamber will hold events, and even four of the port cranes will be refurbished and remain as part of the project.

The Cais Mauá will be the perfect place to have fun, tour, and eat a meal with the family on the waterfront.

All of this next to the Historical City Center and just seven kilometers from the Salgado Filho International Airport, in an open area for tourists and the population of the entire Metropolitan region, who can come by foot, car, bicycle, or train.

Once it is revitalized, the Cais Mauá waterfront will be the perfect place to have fun,  eat a meal with the family on banks of the Guaíba or just to enjoy the look of the revitalized areas. In the plaza next to the old refrigeration chamber, the visitors can appreciate the Ninas da Fonte statue, part of the Rio Grande do Sul artistic heritage.

Porto Alegre receives another democratic space to receive the population with open arms, with attractions and activities for any age, budget, or taste.

3.2 kilometers
in revitalized waterfront
181 thousand m²
of culture, leisure, dinning, tourism, business, and events
Easy access
by car, bike, bus, or train
Creation of
28 thousand jobs
when fully functional
R$ 500 million
in investments in 25 years
public investment
R$ 927 million in gross revenue
estimate - when fully functional
R$ 216 million
in collected taxes and contributions when fully operational
24 months to complete the revitalization
of the warehouses after the
issue of the li