The data that gives the size of the Cais Mauá Mauá Waterfront revitalization project

– 500 million reals of private investment.

– ZERO public investment.

– 181 thousand m² of total leased space, of which 93 thousand m² is free space for the recreation of the local population.

– Delivery of 10 plazas with over 11 thousand m².
(Is the equivalent, in relation to the city center, a 40% increase in the amount of plazas and 65% increase in green area)

– 3,200 meters of waterfront with free access by the population to view the Guaíba River.

– 12.5 million visitors a year when fully functional.
(Praia de Belas shopping mall receives 10.6 million visitors a year)

– 28 thousand direct and indirect jobs.

– 927 million reals of gross revenue.

– 216 million reals in municipal, state, and federal taxes and contributions.

Licencing Project

There was mobilization for the preparation of project licensing , as the data below:

– 46 offices and contractors , many world-renowned .

– 40 studies .

– 378 professionals involved .

– More than 2,700 architectural boards and elaborate engineering.

– 6 volumes totaling more than 2,500 pages.