Environmental Impact Assessment and Impact for the Environment Report

The Cais Mauá Waterfront revitalization project requires several licenses from various government agencies, such as the Preliminary License (LP), and the Installation License (LI), among others. To obtain the LP an Environmental Impact Study and an Environmental Impact Report (EIA-RIMA) is required. See below the effort level required in the EIA-REMA documentation:

– 46 offices and companies contracted, several of which are internationally recognized.

– 40 completed studies.

– 378 professionals involved.

– Over 2,700 architectural and engineering blueprints.

– 6 volumes for a total of over 2,500 pages.



PDF Files:

EIA – Vol I

EIA – Vol II

EIA – Vol III – 1

EIA – Vol III – 2

EIA – Vol III – 3